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Things You Need to Know About Bluestacks

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For anyone who’s known about technology, especially the Android OS, the name “Bluestacks” should really come as a surprise. It’s an emulator that runs on Windows, and emulate Android OS to the fullest, and does it really well. While it’s not a complete replacement for the Android OS, some apps that are not available on Android can actually be used on Bluestacks without any issues whatsoever.

For instance, before the wide availability of the web version of WhatsApp, a lot of people used to use WhatsApp through Bluestacks on their desktops, and it worked. However, it still required a number to register itself, a number other than the one you’re using with your phone.

Bluestacks is a great program for developers who prefer to test their apps before finally launching them, and don’t possess the devices to do so. With that said, below are some things you should know about Bluestacks.

It’s Easy to Use

Bluestacks is quite possibly one of the easiest Android emulators to use, everything is right in front of your eyes, and there are no complicated steps involved. Just install it, sideload the app you want, and you’re good to go. As a matter of fact, you can even use the PlayStore to download the apps you prefer, you just need to login using your Google account

More of an App Player

While many people think Bluestacks is a full-fledged emulator, the actual story is a bit different. Simply put, Bluestacks is actually more of an app player than an emulator. You can still get to download almost all the apps you can find on the Google Play Store, however, if you want the full Android experience, you may want to look somewhere else, as this is not full OS emulation.