Basics of Installing a Dashboard Camera in Your Vehicle

Many people find the idea of installing a dash cam in their vehicle all on their a bit out of their league so they take it to a car place but if you want to avoid all that hassle then just read the article as we will be teaching you how to do it so let us begin.

Mounting Place

It is necessary that you choose the optimal mounting place because if you do not then there is no use installing the best front and rear dash cam. In order to choose the right place to mount your newly bought dash cam, you should know whether it is a front or rear camera. Once you know, the front camera would go behind the rear view mirror so that it would provide you with a clear view of the road ahead and all the vehicles on it and the back camera would go in the rear of the car.

Sizing Up

The next step is to find the fuse box so that you know where all the wires would go and which path can be taken. The fuse box would probably be under the dashboard and once you find it, see whether the wire of the dash cam is easily going down or you would need to adjust it a bit.

Connecting The Wires

Find the power cable and insert the cable under the headliner after which you would need to tug the rubber trim which will be located along the A-pillar, this will allow you to see the spot where the cable can run down to the fuse box. Connect the cable to a fuse that only works when the vehicle is running. Finally just tuck everything into place in a secure manner and you are done.