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Things to Know Before Planning a Trip to China

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China was completely shut off from the world for a long time and in the 1970’s they finally opened their doors to the rest of the world and ever since that happened China, as a country, has experienced a stable period of growth in terms of trade and economy. Tourism industry has also flourished since then as more and more people from all over the world take a trip to China to see the ancient country and experience the rich culture and history, some even go there to get a glimpse of what a flourishing country with a booming economy looks like.

Although China has been modernized and has pretty much everything that the rest of the world does, but there are certain things that people do not know of while they are planning a trip to China and those are important things. So it is best to know beforehand. If you are interested in going to China for recreational purposes we would recommend getting a travel package and you can look here for them. Let’s move onto the list of things that one should know before planning a visit to China.

Take More Cash

In China, although there are online businesses and cards are accepted but the most preferred method of doing transactions is cash because all the local vendors deal in it. If you are planning on doing some shopping or want to buy food, take cash with you and the only currency they locally deal in is their local currency Yuan so make sure that you have it on you.

Make Advanced Bookings

If you are not sure and want your plans to be flexible then make bookings with hotels and rest houses that have a refund policy or do not need upfront payments. The free of cost cancellation is a blessing that you do not fully realize until you avail it.

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An Affordable Way of Getting The Most Out of Your Holiday Experience

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Going into another city or country on vacation is always a great idea; you should know that it’s healthy to put yourself out there and explore new places that you haven’t been to, and Broome in Western Australia is no exception to that rule. There are so many tourist attractions in Broome; there are restaurants that are famous for their delicious food and dining experience, galleries with truly bizarre works on display, shops where you can buy all of those things you wrote down on your holiday shopping list and then there are those beautiful beaches of Broome that you simply must see.

Before you can start enjoying your holiday in Broome, your first order of business will be to set yourself up with Broome Accommodation. Broome Time Accommodation Golden Chain is one of the best and most affordable accommodation resorts in the Broome Peninsula. Broome Time Accommodation offers you self-contained room service and can accommodate anywhere from 1-3 guests in a studio or even families of up to 6 people. Broome Time Accommodation prides themselves in the level of comfort and cleanliness they provide their guests.

Broome Time Accommodation is located in a spot where it is easy for you to access public utilities such as bus stations that can take you to resorts in Broome and all the tourist attractions on your check list. If you think you might be missing something on your holiday, the team at Broome Time Accommodation can help you with selecting tours and make personal recommendations as to what sights you should see first while you’re their guest in your vacation. You can go to and book a room for yourself and your family now.


The Best Beach Destinations in The World

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Want to visit some exotic and beautiful beach during your holidays? Then this article is going to bring you with exactly what you need. Because you are going to check which are the best beach destinations in the world.

If you really want to discover this world, our beautiful planet, then this article is going to help you with this mission of yours. Just keep reading and discover more about them.

Tikehau Island – French Polynesia:

If you are looking for something that will break your mind and make it arrive to the land of joy and happiness, then you need to visit the Tikehau Island in French Polynesia. According to many it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The sand is pink and the water is crystalline. You will have a pretty good time here, especially if you come with your partner. The environment is just great and you will feel that from the very first moment.

Bathsheba Beach – Barbados:

If you are looking for a truly exotic place with a very special look and feel, then you have to visit the Bathsheba beach in Barbados. The ambient is just amazing, it looks and feels wild in all senses.

The water is pretty good, it’s neither too hot nor too cold. It’s a good destination for all kind of tourists. It doesn’t matter if you come here alone, with your significant other or with your whole family. You will enjoy this place if you decide to visit it.

Horseshoe Bay – Bermuda:

It’s the most beautiful and most popular beach in the island. It’s crowded by tourists sometimes, but it’s definitively worth it to visit it. You will be amazed by how beautiful it is.

This beach has something pretty special: The Port Royal Cove. It has shallow and calm water, which makes it pretty good for children, so they can swim without facing any risk whatsoever. It’s also a very good place for those who want to simply lay down and relax.

Waipio Valley Beach, Big Island – Hawaii:

We could not let Hawaii out of this list. This beach is kind of hard to get to, but the reward is completely worth it. The beach has a pretty special look, is not visited by many and you will feel pretty good once you reach it.

It’s by far one of the best beaches Hawaii has to offer. And you can reach it, but as we said, it’s kind of tricky.

Treasure Beach – Jamaica:

And finally here we have a great destination in Jamaica. As its own name clearly tells, it’s a treasure of a beach. For real. You will find these picturesque fishing villages and the water is just perfect for you to swim for hours and hours to come.

Now you have 5 excellent beaches you can visit in the world. What is your excuse now? Go and visit all of them right now! It’s your mission!


Ice Age Coming: The Best Winter Destinations in The World

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Who said only summer was good? If you want to change your paradigms and visit a good and cold place, then this article is perfect for you.

Here we are going to share with you excellent winter destinations, which are the best in the world. So you can visit them. If you like to snowboard and ski, then you are going to love this listing. Just pay attention and use it to plan your next trip. Believe us, you will be highly motivated to do such thing. Just stay with us here.

Tallinn, Estonia:

This beautiful European is waiting for in your next winter holidays. If you are looking for a cold yet beautiful place to visit, then Tallinn is the way to go.

This medieval town is going to amaze you. It looks pretty old, but it’s what makes it magical and pretty interesting to visit.

If you decide to visit this place during winter, then for sure you need to take a walk along Tompeea. This fortified building is a must-visit during your visit to Tallinn, one of the most popular and emblematic towns in Estonia.

Plitvice National Park, Croatia:

Even though it’s insanely more popular during the summer, this place is even more beautiful during the winter when its waterfall are completely frozen and you can be captivated by all of its majesty.

If you want to visit such a unique and majestic place, then you only need to visit Plitvice National Park in Croatia during the winter. It won’t be crowded by tourists and you will have access to the full place. What more can you ask for?

Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan:

If you want a place out of Europe, then you can go to Jigokudani in Japan. The most important aspect of this place is that you will see the typical monkeys of the region bathing in hot water in order to combat the cold of the winter.

Without any doubts it’s one of the most picturesque and interesting places to visit during winter in Japan. Therefore, we encourage you to give it a visit. You won’t regret it, because it’s a pretty good destination.

Gobi Desert, Mongolia:

Ok, if you want to see something even more interesting and exotic in Asia, then you can go to the Gobi desert in Mongolia. There you will see wooly camels in the middle of the desert where there’s also snow.

What can be more exotic than this? You will see these puffy camels walking on snow. This is one of the most interesting yet surreal experiences you can get in the world. That’s why the Gobi desert ranks itself as one of top destinations for winter.


Here you have 4 amazing places you can visit and that are actually amazing during winter. It can be a beautiful season as well, and these 4 places prove it. So just give them a visit, you won’t regret it not even a little bit.


Top 5 Destinations For Digital Nomads on a Tight Budget

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Want to become a digital nomad yet don’t have lots of money? Who said you needed a lot of money to follow this lifestyle? You don’t really have to. And in this article you are going to discover 5 excellent destinations for digital money where you can live in a tight budget yet live the good life you have always dreamed with.

#1 Budapest:

You said you needed a lot of money to live as a digital nomad in Europe? There are great places where you can live this lifestyle, and Budapest is one of them.

If you want to spend less than $40 a day, sometimes less than $30, then you should look forward to visiting this marvelous European city. One of the cheapest yet most amazing cities in the world is awaiting for you.

The environment is pretty tranquil, women are beautiful, food is pretty good, internet is amazing and you can find other like-minded people around you. It’s a pretty good place to visit in our opinion.

#2 Bucharest:

This is another excellent European city for people who want to live the digital nomad lifestyle. It’s nearly as cheap as Budapest, maybe a bit less or more depending on what type of place you rent, the speed of internet your choose, etc. But overall you can do well here for $30 a day without major problems.

Food here is pretty good and the internet is excellent. And what to say about the city, it’s pretty beautiful. It can be dirty in some places, but overall it’s an amazing city you have got to visit. You cannot afford to miss it.

#3 Southern Thai Islands:

Thailand is a country full of digital nomads, and it’s due to punctual things: It’s cheap, it’s beautiful, food is excellent and lots of networking.

The best place to go as a digital nomad in this country is to the Southern Thai islands. There you will find everything you need to live your dream lifestyle. You can do very well here for the same budget. You can rent a pretty good place for a low price and eat for even less. So it’s a great place for people like you who want to live well in a low budget.

#4 Taipei:

Taipei in Taiwan is another excellent choice for digital nomads. It’s affordable, modern and has lots of great options for people like you. The landscape and environment of the city are going to make you want to stay here forever. Also, the food is quite good as well, another reason to stay here for a long time.

#5 Ubud:

And finally, here we have Ubud in Bali. With its pristine beaches and amazing environment you won’t have anything to complaint about. It’s an amazing place you HAVE to visit. There’s no other way about it.

So here you have 5 excellent destinations for digital nomads like you. It’s time for you to pack your bags!