Dealing With Shedding Dog Hair

It is safe to say that we all love our four-legged friend dearly and that they play an important role in our lives, contributing to our happiness and at times, our amusement in many different ways. Of course being a pet owner is not all fun and games. There are countless visits to the vets, the groomers, their walks and giving in to their need for attention when we can barely give ourselves any. Then again, most of us would still not have it any other way. However, if there is anything that irks pet owners, especially cat and dog owners, it is shedding.

Shedding is a normal phenomenon that will happen throughout the year but it peaks during certain points of the year like before the start of spring or fall etc. So, we end up having to deal with a lot more hair than we bargained for, especially if you have species that are double coated. So, you end up finding dog hair everywhere like your clothes, your furniture and even in your own hair. For more information regarding why dogs shed, you can visit

The biggest thing you need to rule out in case of abnormal shedding is diseases like skin or metabolic diseases. Once you are sure it is not because of that, you can focus on how you can stop it.

Every dog requires grooming so a regular visit to the groomers is the best way to reduce shedding since they will trim your dog’s hair and get rid of any weak or matted parts. If not the groomers, regularly brushing your dog will help remove extra or dead hair from them which you can gather and then remove. You can use lint rollers and other tools to keep your house clean as well.