Did You Know That People Are Afraid of Taking a Shower?

For most people, showering or bathing is a part of life and it is quite normal but there are some people who are terrified of the prospect of showering. When we say that they terrified of it, we really do mean that they cannot stand the idea of showering, taking a bath and there are worse cases too.

This is a specific type of phobia that is called ablutophobia and at its worse, the patient does not wish to come in contact with water at all. Even though it might sound like a small thing but if you analyze it, you would realize that it makes the life of the patient extremely difficult. Massive Phobia says that patients who suffer from this particular phobia often develop other issues because of this and it makes the condition worse.


The cause varies from patient to patient but the general cause can be said that the phobia stems after something horrible happens which is in some way related to bathing or showering but again, every case is different.


There are many symptoms of ablutophobia but you need to understand that a dislike of showering is not ablutophobia so if you think that your child might have this phobia, you should observe whether the symptoms persist for 6 months and if they do not then he/she does not have it. The symptoms include sweating, extreme anxiety, shortness of breath, nausea, dry mouth, lack of focus, shaking, feeling of powerlessness and many more.


There are many treatments for this particular phobia but each one should be administered by a professional psychologist or psychiatrist and should not be tried by the patient without any professional advice as treating a phobia is not easy.