Dry Film Lubricants For Industrial Applications

In harsh weather conditions when the temperature is too low or too high, dry film lubricants seem to be the best alternatives that are used in various industrial and household applications. When two physical structures in a machine such as a firearm produce friction not only can the productivity be low but the life of that machine can also be decreased. In extreme climate places where fluid lubricants can get evaporated or contracted, there is no other way to keep the parts moisturized and fully functional than dry film lubricant coating. The best of these solid coatings are their thin size which is almost negligible and does not affect the performance of any pulley or metal object in a machine.

Dry lube coatings can be of various types depending upon the usage, some of them include Molybdenum disulfide and Xylan. Some of these kinds are resistant to corrosion and heat, so they can be applied in load bearing mechanisms. Many types of other fluid lubricants are not only extremely dangerous for the health of the workers in the factory but at the same time they contribute to the pollution in the air. Check out the website of Orion Coat to find out well-researched and relatable information regarding dry film lubricant coatings.

In various machinery parts, industry workers have been using oil or grease as lubricants but these substances are highly susceptible to become dusty and dirty because of their sticky property. Dry film coatings on the other hand can last long without any need to be cleaned and can withstand massive amount of pressure or load. The chemical resistance of a certain type of film coating might be different to other type, this is the reason you should get detailed information about them before making any buying decision.