Extension Basics

Hair extensions have previously had some bad PR. However, the hair extensions that you can get now are a lot different than the ones that you would get in the mid 2000s. They are better, look a lot more natural, are very comfortable, and are of much higher quality now. Women all over the world now wear them to try out a whole world of new styles and looks. You no longer have to worry about cutting your hair short.

Now you can cut your hair as short as you want and experiment as much as you need to as the hair extensions always have your back. In fact, the longer haired hair styles are also easy to get now as well since whatever your length is, the extensions can now add a few inches, add volume, and even add things like curls or waves. There is a lot that the extensions can achieve now and all you need is a reliable place like, hair extensions Glasgow, to get them.

Now what you need to know before you go and get any sort of extensions is that there are three main types of extensions that you can work with. The first one is the clip on extensions. These can be used by anyone without actually having to do much. They are literally clips that can be attached to your hair that also have hair attached to them. The next type of extensions are the tape extensions. These extensions are stuck to your head using bi adhesive tape that keep the hair in place. The tape cannot really be felt by touch and these stay stuck to your hair for about 8 weeks. Lastly there are the keratin extensions. These are bonded to your hair and can stick around for over 3 months.