Frozen Pipes: Your Winter Nemesis

While frozen pipes tend to happen in apartments every now and then, they are more commonplace in houses since frozen pipes usually tend to happen to the pipes outside, however, there are still a few odd ones inside as well. Now if you have never dealt or witnessed a frozen pipe before and you wake up one winter morning to notice that there is a layer of frost accumulated around the joints between two pipes, you are dealing with a frozen pipe.

Now when it comes to dealing with the situation, it is recommended not to turn on the water which you know will have to pass through the frozen pipe in order to avoid any further problems from developing. Now if you look up how to deal with a frozen pipe online, you will find remedies that you can do yourself, now if you have no prior experience of dealing with a frozen pipe before, it is strongly recommended to avoid dealing with it on your own. Doing tricks like using a hair dryer unsupervised can potentially cause an uneven pressure within the pipe, increasing the risk of it potentially bursting.

This is why it is important for you to call in a plumber and have them handle the situation. The plumber can also guide you regarding the problem, how you can avoid frozen pipes and if there are any tips you should know when it comes to dealing with them. You will find a number of reliable plumbers in North York that can assist you on the matter. So, the bottom line is to play it safe and not try to deal with the situation on your own, at least until you are confident that you know how to handle the problem properly.