On a Leg

A lot of regions are blocked from accessing some of Netflix’s best shows. The reasoning behind this. The ones behind the show sold to Netflix on the condition that they only preview certain shows locked to certain regions and unless you are in that region, you won’t have any access to the latest episodes even if you live in UK but are travelling abroad.

This presents a serious issue to those who absolutely enjoy watching Tv as they can no longer view the latest episodes and now they have to avoid all sorts of spoilers on different social networking sites. There are workarounds however, the most common of them being to get into a VPN network. VPN is a virtual private network which is hosted separately. Many of these service providers allow you to connect to their network and access different blocked content websites on the internet. They can reroute you in such a way that it appears that you actually are in the UK which makes up for how to get UK Netflix since much content is only viewable in that region. Virtual Private Networks make it also easier to mask our real location and gives us a degree of privacy when it comes to the online world.

There are a lot of risks that come with being connected to the internet, so reliable VPN providers are necessary. Some subscriptions are free and allow you access to unlimited websites and all you need to do so is sign up for the most part. Other providers are more premium and in extension more reliable. A lot of VPN’s can suck up your bandwidth but premium VPN providers offer the additional service of avoiding congestion of your internet traffic, the downfall is that this kind of service usually comes at a price.