Optimise Your Body With Pilates

There are many things that we do throughout the course of the day that do a number on our body’s form. We don’t get visibly twisted out of shape that quick but we feel fatigued faster and we might not even stand up straight like we’re supposed to. Muscular imbalances in the body will affect the way you walk, breathe, stand and perform not only physically but mentally too; a tired and weary body can make the mind feel tired too.

There are a few reliable ways to check if your body has muscular imbalances; walk a few paces and then come to a halt; if your feet aren’t parallel to each other, your leg muscles are not balanced at the optimal level. Similarly, if your spine is tilting you forward or making you slouch, your hamstrings and glutes need some readjustment; this kind of an imbalance reduces your height and makes you look under confident.

Fortunately, you can fix these imbalances by engaging in certain exercises and stretches; what you need are pilates lessons. Unlike weight training exercises, these exercises are closer to the age old practice of yoga only that these exercises are more focused on fixing imbalances and optimising your muscles in a way that they aren’t as easily worn out anymore. A few sessions with a Stott Pilates instructor are enough to make you start feeling the difference; your core will be much stronger, helping you stay stable while you’re moving and your overall body will be much stringer, without making your look bulky.

Pilates are the best way to make your body stronger and able to perform better in general; your overall health will also improve and every breath you take will make you feel more confident in yourself.