Sustaining Hard Pedaling For Maximum Exercise

If you want to lose the highest amount of weight possible, you need to really exert yourself while exercising. This means pushing yourself to your limits, but the problem here is that when you have reached your limit you are going to have a pretty tough time maintaining your exercise for very long after that. While cycling, for example, pedaling away furiously in a sprint is something that would exhaust you in a very short period of time, so you should try your best to avoid doing that.

That being said, there are ways for you to keep yourself going while pedaling at such speeds. While sprinting, you should rest your legs for a few seconds when you start to feel failure coming on. Failure refers to the moment where your muscles stop working, the moment when you have reached the limits of your strength and endurance. Once you have pedaled to this point, stop moving your legs for a little while and keep them in a floating position. After a few seconds of maintaining this position, you should start to pedal again, working your way back up to the furious sprint pedaling gradually after starting slow.

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