The Best Way to Detect Water Leakage

If at any point, you feel as your water pressure is diminishing and then you start seeing damp areas outside of your house on a sunny day, you can expect the worst – you might have an underground leak. There are many other indicators for water leakages as well; you might suddenly experience a high water bill out of the blue, when you know for a fact that you didn’t use as much water. The more you sit around and wait for more signs of the leakage to show up, it can get worse.

A lot of people are under the impression that once they’ve detected a leak in their pipes, they’re going to have to call a leak detection service that will dig up their entire property just to see what’s going on. However, there are companies like Austest Pipeline Solutions who excel at detecting an underground water leak without having to do anything even slightly destructive to your property.

Austest makes the use of noise detection from above ground to spot where your pipes may be leaking water; they fill up your water pipes with a tracer gas which whistles out of the leakage areas. Using the right equipment, they can pin point the leak without having to touch a thing. Once your leakage has been spotted, there will be no need for any excessive drilling or digging since they’ll know exactly where to work.

Thanks to this technology and their 20 years of experience in detecting water leakages, Austest can get the job done in fastest and cleanest way possible. This way you can rest easy knowing that your property and your water bill are both going to be safe like they should be.