The Go And Catch

The internet and security don’t necessarily go hand in hand. There are many dangers of online browsing, anyone who is tech-savvy enough will know how to intercept your messages online. The world wide web works through packets. All your messages are encoded in little convoys of trucks, you could say, where they are given context and destination and then sent to the traffic of the online world. With the right tools and equipped with the right knowledge, someone can potentially intercept any traffic you send online and get the details of things like your credit card information or the password you use to log into your social media.

Other times, many websites are blocks that we need access to for various reasons. VPN networks softwares like are designed to get around internet censorship by changing the route your information takes to reach its destination. This also makes it harder to crack and retrieve sensitive information. The way a VPN works is that it sends all your traffic on a secure network so that it behaves as if you’re on the same network no matter where your location is. You can continue browsing the internet as if you were actually present and the VPN’s location.

There are several advantages to this. As mentioned before, some websites are blocked by the region, also known as geo-blocked websites. You could access these websites if you were in some other part of the world and if you were travelling around, you’d find it inconvenient to suddenly not be able to use a website your accustomed to using. VPN encryption can be very secure for the everyday user that doesn’t want their online activity tracked. There are privacy concerns to those using the internet without taking the appropriate actions to remain secure.