Top 5 Destinations For Digital Nomads on a Tight Budget

Want to become a digital nomad yet don’t have lots of money? Who said you needed a lot of money to follow this lifestyle? You don’t really have to. And in this article you are going to discover 5 excellent destinations for digital money where you can live in a tight budget yet live the good life you have always dreamed with.

#1 Budapest:

You said you needed a lot of money to live as a digital nomad in Europe? There are great places where you can live this lifestyle, and Budapest is one of them.

If you want to spend less than $40 a day, sometimes less than $30, then you should look forward to visiting this marvelous European city. One of the cheapest yet most amazing cities in the world is awaiting for you.

The environment is pretty tranquil, women are beautiful, food is pretty good, internet is amazing and you can find other like-minded people around you. It’s a pretty good place to visit in our opinion.

#2 Bucharest:

This is another excellent European city for people who want to live the digital nomad lifestyle. It’s nearly as cheap as Budapest, maybe a bit less or more depending on what type of place you rent, the speed of internet your choose, etc. But overall you can do well here for $30 a day without major problems.

Food here is pretty good and the internet is excellent. And what to say about the city, it’s pretty beautiful. It can be dirty in some places, but overall it’s an amazing city you have got to visit. You cannot afford to miss it.

#3 Southern Thai Islands:

Thailand is a country full of digital nomads, and it’s due to punctual things: It’s cheap, it’s beautiful, food is excellent and lots of networking.

The best place to go as a digital nomad in this country is to the Southern Thai islands. There you will find everything you need to live your dream lifestyle. You can do very well here for the same budget. You can rent a pretty good place for a low price and eat for even less. So it’s a great place for people like you who want to live well in a low budget.

#4 Taipei:

Taipei in Taiwan is another excellent choice for digital nomads. It’s affordable, modern and has lots of great options for people like you. The landscape and environment of the city are going to make you want to stay here forever. Also, the food is quite good as well, another reason to stay here for a long time.

#5 Ubud:

And finally, here we have Ubud in Bali. With its pristine beaches and amazing environment you won’t have anything to complaint about. It’s an amazing place you HAVE to visit. There’s no other way about it.

So here you have 5 excellent destinations for digital nomads like you. It’s time for you to pack your bags!