Types of Hose According to Their Uses

The first thing that you need to determine is the need that you have for the garden hose because when you would know the need, you would be able to find the right hose that you go with your need. The water hose nozzle high pressure is an important aspect and should be kept in mind while shopping but let us now move on to our main topic.

Vinyl Hose

This is the best type of hose that should be used when a person wants the best sort of handling. This a vinyl hose that should be used for rudimentary watering uses like just watering your lawn and we are recommending this as it is the best for everyday use as it is light and easy to carry here and there. Another great thing about the vinyl hose is that it does not cost much and definitely costs lesser than the other type of hoses.

Rubber Hose

This is a hose that you buy if you need it to be more durable and need to use it for a longer period of time and in harsh weather conditions. It costs more than the vinyl hose but it is of better quality and lasts longer. Since the quality of material is better and it is rubber, this pipe is heavier than the above one.

Reinforced Hose

This is the type of hose that has multiple plies or layers and also has a mesh layer covering which helps protect the covering from punctures and damage which is why it is used for commercial purposes i.e. heavy duty reasons or for places that have a lot of objects in it like a big yard or garden that is full of machines, equipment or other big things.